S5E5 Ft. Chef Sam Diminich is now live!

Charlotte, NC- September 26th 2020 -  Chef Sam Diminich prepares the dinner for the Ben’s Friends fund raiser with his crew. Photographed in Charlotte, NC on September 26 2020. Photo by Peter Taylor

S5E5 ft. Sam Diminich, after a looooong delay.


S5E5 Ft. Chef Sam Diminich of Upstream

Charlotte NC - February 9th - OrderFire screening party for Ana Shellem at Free Range Brewing in Charlotte, NC. Photographed in Charlotte NC on February 9, 2020. Photo by Peter Taylor

S5E4 Ana Shellem is now live!


S5E4 ft. Ana Shellem of Shell’em Seafood Co.

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Watch the Soul Food Sessions episode here!

Photos from the Soul Food Sessions dinner held at At Dawn Cafe in Charlotte, NCphotographed on Oct. 18th  2016. Photo by Peter Taylor

S5E3 ft. the members of the Soul Food Sessions


S5E2 ft. Courtney Buckley is now live!

Courtney Buckley and Your Moms DoughnutsPhotographed in Charlotte, NC on 26JUL18. Photographs by Peter Taylor

S5E2 ft Courtney Buckley of Your Mom’s Donuts!


S5E1 ft. Chef Mike Noll is now live!